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Lebanon (Capital: Beirut), Lebnen, Loubnan, Libnen, Liban, Libanos, is small outstanding country on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea.

The name Lebanon comes from the Semitic root lbn, meaning "white", likely a reference to the snow-capped Mount Lebanon

Evidence of the earliest known settlements in Lebanon was found in Byblos, which is considered to be one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world, aged 5000 B.C.

Most of Lebanon's area is mountainous terrain, except for the narrow coastline and the Beqaa Valley, which plays an integral role in Lebanon's agriculture.

In ancient times, Lebanon housed large forests of Cedars, which now serve as the country's national emblem. Lebanese people are generally friendly, outgoing and diverse. You may be interested to check the Lebanese life, Lebanese Restaurants, Lebanese Shops, Lebanese Hotels and Resorts.

You also can't miss tasting the famous Lebanese salads, Taboule and Fatouch as well as the unique Lebanese Hummus (Hommos), Baba Ghanouj & all the diversity of the Lebanese cuisine.

If interested you may also check the beautiful LEBANON PHOTOS ALBUMS covering all Lebanese territories. Famous Lebanese cities includes: Beirut, Tripoli, Jbeil (Byblos), Jounieh, Batroun, Sidon, Tyre, Zahle, Jezzine, Beit el Din, Becharee, Bhamdoun, Rachaya, Jeita (Jeeta), Broumana, Harissa, Baalbek (Baalbak),Hamra....

ALL961 is a free Lebanese directory at your service, also available in mobile version to assist you wherever you are helping you find the attractions you are looking for all over the Lebanese territories.

The Lebanese Flag
Lebanese Flag


Lebanon Area: 10,452 km²
Lebanon Population: Around 4,300,000
Lebanon Density: 404/km²

The red stripes symbolize the pure bloodshed in the aim of liberation. The white stripe symbolizes peace as well as the white snow covering Lebanon's mountains. The green Cedar (Cedrus libani or Lebanon Cedar, Arz) symbolizes immortality and steadiness.


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